Teacher's Discovery

This website offers over 10,000 items to choose from. Good resource for World Languages, English, Social Studies, and Science.
Most interactives can be purchased at minimal cost.


Chemistry Notebook Lessons

IWBchemistry.pngFound this great teacher's (Dr. Elizabeth Christophy) wiki--
**Chemistry Lessons** loaded with Chemistry SMART Notebook lessons. Download and use with her permission. Thanks to Smartboard Revolution for the link to her wiki.

Physical Science and Math Simulations

Tech & Learning is always a great resource for learning about websites. Go to the University of Colorado's project, PhET, that has developed physical science and math simulations. They can be run directly from the website or downloaded. Some simulations have teacher developed lesson plans. You can search the website by grade level, content or type of simulation. It is an awesome resource. My high school science teachers use it and highly recommend it. Here is an example of one of the simulations.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology Site

FreezeRay is in association with Great Barr School, a specialist Science college. It offers some flash files, templates, and teachers' guides. My Science department chair said she can use every single flash movie for Biology classes that she teaches. She just wished there were more of them available on the site.

Microscopic images library

Dennis Kunkel's website is wonderful.

It is a scientific stock photography library of light microscope pictures and electron microscopy images featuring science and biomedical microscopy photos. Lots of flash animation, which works well with SMART Notebook video player. These images are copyrighted. You may create an account for educational use of the website.

Immune Attack

A high tech 3D computer game that teaches how the human body and the immune system work.

Visible Body


An online 3D Model of the human anatomy. Great visualization tool. Wonderful graphics!


Interactivate is a set of free, online courseware for exploration in science and mathematics. It is comprised of activities, lessons, and discussions. Many interactive java-applets are located on this site for science and mathematics.

Inner Body

Online guide to human anatomy with many interactives. Highly visual. Top rated website.

Jefferson LabJefferson_Lab.gif
- September 20, 2010
The world-class acility, Newport News, VA, has partnered with the educational community to create resources for teachers. Jefferson Lab has developed a website with links to interactive Science and Math games.


CameraScope is the first tool in a series to be made freely available to educators throughout the world through the Thinking Spaces Tools initiative. The goal is to provide a stable software platform around which educators can develop curriculum without fear that it will be made obsolete.

Here is an emery board magnified using CameraScope.


Interactive Biology

Interactive Biology, created by Leslie Samuel is well suited for use with SMART Boards. Leslie has Biology videos, games, and powerpoints that are available, all for free! Some of his game titles: The Mendel and Meiosis Game, The DNA and Genes Game, The Energy Game, The Digestive and Endocrine System Game, and Protection, Locomotion and Support Game. Here is one of Leslie's videos that he has uploaded to YouTube.

Interactive Universe

One of our Science students shared this online interactive game. Students in an Earth Science class were given the opportunity to teach their classmates. She found this game to engage her classmates in the learning process. They loved it. The game teaches them facts about red-hot planets, distant galaxies, dying stars and killer asteroids. Interactive Universe is the name of the game at the History.com website. Shown below is a screen shot of the game.


Periodic Table of Elements Videos

The University of Nottingham has built a website with a video for each element of the periodic table. Top notch website! See a sample of the videos below.

A free online web tool for creating animated stories related to content. Watch the animated story to learn about diffusion and osmosis. Teachers have control over the content and whether it is made public or kept private. A teacher account can have up to 100 student accounts.

GoAnimate4Schools.com: Diffusion & Osmosis by Paul Tan

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate4Schools. It's free and fun!

National Institutes of Health

Educational health videos, calculators, quizzes, games, interactive tutorials, anatomy videos, surgical videos, and a medical dictionary. With one click, you can get a Spanish version of the website. An example calculator is featured below.