Tag Galaxy
At this site, photos from Flickr have been tagged. When you search by a "tag", I searched Angelou and got the word cloud shown. The site will tell you how many images can be found and build the world globe filled with the images. You then can rotate the globe and look at the images. You can click on the image to zoom in on it. A comment box describing the image will pop up. You can link out to flickr to the page where the image is located at Flickr. Nice way to quickly look at images related to a topic. Great with an interactive whiteboard.
Interactive Puzzles!!!!!!!

Create an interactive puzzle from your own pictures. Please do not use copyrighted images! Go to Flash-Gear Students solve the puzzle. Use your imagination to create ways to engage the students using this interactive.

Word Magnets Website

The free version of Word Magnets is found at Triptico's website, at **Word Magnets**. I learned about Word Magnets from watching the video below that I found at **EduTecher** . (When you have a chance, go to EduTecher to learn about other Web 2.0 websites--go to their video section of the website.) Word Magnets takes text and breaks it into little magnetic (sticky) words. You can make Venn diagrams, mind maps, etc. Pretty cool to use with your SMART boards.
16 Option Spinner
Another Web 2.0 tool from Triptico is the 16 Option Spinner. This online resource spinner will randomly select from one of sixteen options. You can press ‘New’ to reset and randomise the board whenever required.Go to
**16 Option Spinner**.


Glogster is not a new website, but it now has an educational website. I recommend you go to the FAQ page first to learn about the educational site. Student-created glogs would be fun to use with the SMART board, especially the links to videos and other pages on a glog. Here is a **Poetry Glog** created by students that I really liked. This glog is several pages. The homepage explains the purpose of the glog then links to other pages where different types of poetry are collaboratively created.

Nail It! Ghost It!

Two small apps that can be used over the digital ink layer. Watch the video (Teqsmart) to learn more about how you can use these two applications with the Smart Notebook. Also get links to the downloadable applications from the Teqsmart site. (Teachers in my school district, you cannot download to school computers, including laptops, until these programs have been approved. See your IT dept.)

An online application for creating and showing presentations. It is non-linear. What does that mean. It means you can create a presentation in any order and jump from one area to another very easily. It lends itself to mind mapping. Presentations can be stored and viewed online. With the free version, you can create presentations, download them, then present offline, make the online version private. BUT the original will remain open to the public online. For Educators, the free EduEnjoy version allows for up to 500 MB of file space.

The zoom in/zoom out feature is very appealing. Watch the Prezi below to get ideas on how useful it could be for teaching with your SMART board.

Another Prezi that showcases how students could create a Prezi based on a their learning about Ancient Civilizations.


ThinkFinity allows you to search for interactives by grade level and content. Loaded with great content.

Recommended by Teachers Love SMARTBoards, this free site offers many interactive activities. Two I liked for high school science are Virtual Hip Replacement and Virtual Knee Surgery. For Driver's Ed, I found an interactive called Crash Scene.


Scholastic's website offers interactives. Browse by content, grade level, searches. Look for the Scholastic_icon-wb.gif icon for whiteboard interactives. Some high school interactives, but more for elementary and middle school levels.

external image padletwallwisher.png

Wallwisher is now Padlet. The site continues to evolve. Streams is a new feature that allows you to arrange posts in a stream in chronological order. Students could use this new layout to write blog posts, prepare presentations, have group discussions, write collaborative stories, explain steps in an experiment or math problem.

To access the streams layout, see the image below.
external image 09da52788fcc10fd0031e3573cdb7a85.png

If you are unfamiliar with Padlet,it is an online collaboration tool that allows you to create a webpage where others can post sticky notes. A teacher can set the webpage preferences so that students' notes have to be approved by the teacher or the notes will note be posted to the webpage. Like tweeting, posts are limited to 160 characters for each comment/post. Some uses might be short writing activities, brainstorming, vocabulary/grammar, speaking.

Watch the video below to learn how to create an account. The creator of the video is Jennifer Marquis, Instructional Technology Specialist from Edgecombe County Public Schools.

For ways to use Wallwisher for instructions, watch the video below from Ideas to Inspire website.

SAT Question of the Day SAT.jpg

To assist your students with SAT test preparation, you could link to the Official SAT Question of the Day website and have students answer the question of the day. Could be a daily warm-up exercise?