9 Piece 3 X 3 Puzzle

Podcast from website:
**Teaching with SMARTboard**.
Check out their website; many instructional podcasts. Creators Scott Miller and David Sladkey infuse their podcasts with humor. I have included a template (minus any math problems), to save you a little time when creating the puzzle manipulative.


- September 30, 2010

I was searching for more interactives for World Language teachers (found a nice French Verb Usage review Notebook Lesson) and found the site has some free (and some by subscription) interactive lessons. Some good stuff here for different grade levels/different content.

Visual Answer Key from TEQ
- October 13, 2010

I watched the video tutorial from TEQ explaining how to create a visual answer key using the question flipper. I emailed one of my teachers about it and she created a Notebook file . Watch the video, then feel free to adapt her notebook file to you own uses.


SMART gives us lots of great resources. One portion of the SMART website allows you to search for interactive websites recommended by SMART. Perform searches by Elementary or Secondary levels. Then filter by by subject.

The Question Matrix

Use this Notebook file (from Danny Maas's website) to generate two-word question starters.Users take that question beginning to generate the remainder of one or more questions to ask about the content or concept being studied.
Possible classroom uses:
  • Whole class – students take a piece of content (e.g. a chapter, event, or character in a novel; an event or person/group in history; a scientific concept), press the dice, and generate 3-5 ‘big’ questions to ask. Students choose any two of those questions from the list to answer, and answers are shared aloud after a brief work period
  • Small group – small groups generate and answer their own questions
  • Small group – small groups generate questions which are answered by another group