Magic Pen magic_pen.JPG

Notebook 10.6 - Magic Pen - 3 tools in one (Spotlight, Magnify, text fade away)

On the menu toolbar, click on the Magic Pen. If you draw a circle, the spotlight feature will activate. If you draw a square, that area automatically becomes magnified. To write notes without having to erase later, the notes will disappear 10 seconds later.

Watch the video from SMART! Magic Pen

If you have an example of how you use the Magic Pen and would like to share it with us, please contact me at

Print Capture Would you like to embed a document (example: Word document) into a Notebook file? It can be done easily using Print Capture. Print Capture allows you to print a file or selected pages from other Windows applications into the current Notebook file. During the Notebook software installation, a print driver called the SMART Notebook Print Capture driver is installed on your system. This print driver functions like any other printer, except its output is captured in a Notebook file rather than on paper. You can configure the SMART Notebook Print Capture driver output properties as you would any other printer.
NOTE: You can only activate Print Capture from a source application.

To import a file using the Print Capture driver
1 Open the Notebook file to which you want to append the print-captured file.
2 Switch to the source application and open the file you want to capture.
3 Select File > Print.
The Print dialog box opens.
4 Select SMART Notebook Print Capture from the list of supported printers.
5 Select a Page Range and click OK.
6 Wait until the print job is complete and then switch to your Notebook file.
The selected file is appended to the current Notebook file, with each page from the print-captured file inserted on its own Notebook page.

Aspect Ratio on Epson Remote
Some people accidentally hit the Aspect button on their projector's remote. If this occurs, the image projected onto the SMART board will change its height/width ratio. When that happens, the screen image may appear to cover the screen from left to right, but not top to bottom. If this happens, just click on the aspect button on the remote until the screen image adjusts to fit the SMAaspect_button_on_Epson_remote.JPGRT board.

Balloon Pop Flash Object

The Balloon Pop flash object is a fun way to review content with students. Watch this notebook file to learn more about the balloon pop.


Hands On Practice for Using PowerPoint with SMART board

A lot of teachers have PowerPoint files that they use frequently for instruction. If you need some practice using PPT files with your SMART board, check out this document from SMART.

My Content area of the Gallery Side Tab

The My Content area of the Gallery Side Tab can be very useful for storing objects you have imported, captured or created. It is also a place to drag items you use regularly (ex. a favorite flash object you don't want to take time to find in the Lesson Activity Toolkit. There are lots of uses for the My Content area; use your imagination to discover its usefulness for you.My_Content_Gallery.JPG
You can also drag and drop objects from the Galleries or from the work area of a Notebook file directly into your My Content area. You can even store entire Notebook files.

Pen and Handwriting Recognition
You can write a word using the pen tool, then convert it to text. See the directions below.

Screen Capture Tool The Screen Capture toolbar appears on top of active programs and Web browsers. It enables you to take a screen capture of an image in any window and automatically insert it on a page in a .notebook file. Watch this video from YouTube posted by RadfordEducation.

Cleaning the SMARTboard
According to SMART, to clean the writing surface or screen, use Windex® glass cleaner. (Our school system does not allow the use of this product. Our school is to use Expo® Mild whiteboard cleaner and the green microfiber cloths provided by maintenance.

To remove permanent marker ink from the screen, use a cleaner such as Expo® . If you have high-odor dry-erase markers (not non-scented markers), you can cover the permanent ink with the ink from a dry-erase marker, and then wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel while the ink is still wet. If any trace of the original permanent ink remains, spray a cloth with Windex glass cleaner or Expo® Mild whiteboard cleaner and wipe the area clean.

Preventing Damage to SMARTboard surface
**Prevent Damage to Surface**)

DO use only standard or high-odor dry-erase markers. These markers usually display a warning to use them in well-ventilated areas.
DON'T:• Use low-odor dry-erase markers, such as Sanford® Expo® markers with low-odor ink, because the ink is more difficult to remove.
• Use permanent markers to write on your interactive whiteboard.
• Use sharp writing instruments such as ballpoint or fine-pointed pens, which can damage the surface if they’re applied with heavy pressure.
• Use adhesive tape on your interactive whiteboard, because removing the tape can damage the top layer of the writing surface.

Using the SMART Video Player

To learn how to use the SMART Video Player open the SMARTVideo file from
**SMART Exchange**. SMARTVideo file created by Heather Hurley, Arlington County Public Schools.

A nice website for free, inspirational movie clips is located at WingClips. I would not suggest letting kids loose in this website. Nice for teachers, though.

Interactive Puzzles!!!!!!!

Create an interactive puzzle from your own pictures. Please do not use copyrighted images! Go to Flash-Gear Students solve the puzzle. Use your imagination to create ways to engage the students using this interactive.

This puzzle is a jpeg of my son's pug, Frank, standing in a field of Texas bluebonnets. Ah, spring, in Texas hill country!!! Beautiful!!!!!

Hot Spots - Eraser Tool
When you want to remove a large area on the smartboard:
Click on the eraser
Make a circle outside of the area you want to erase
Tap in the centre of the circle ... everything inside the circle should erase!
Extend Page Help Me!!!!!

A teacher asked me what to do if they clicked on Extend Page and they want to get back to the normal view. It's easy! Just Go to the Menu bar and click on View->Zoom and change the option from Full page to Page Width.

Cool text

Great way to add some glitz to text.


Just follow these steps:
1. Go to Cool Text
2. Choose a logo style
3. Design your logo
4. Render your logo
5. Open a notebook file and your Cool Text webpage. Minimize (middle button, upper right of window)
6. Drag your newly created logo onto the work area of your notebook page.
7. Smile, dude, you did it!
8. You can even right mouse on the image on the Cool Text webpage, and save the picture to use later in other programs (PPT????) OR
Get the embed code if you want to embed the logo into a wiki, blog, or other type webpage.

More Cool Text
Another free website for creating 3D text!



Just follow these steps:
1. Go to Build
2. Key in our Text in the text box
3. Change font and style, if desired
4. In the Your Graphic Window, right mouse on your 3D text generated
5. You cannot drag the image from the Your Graphic window directly into your Notebook file
6. Choose Save Picture As to save your image
7. In your Notebook file, from the Menu bar, choose Insert Picture File to insert your 3D text file onto your Notebook file work area.
8. Get the embed code if you want to embed the logo into a wiki, blog, or other type webpage. Like I did Smart-Strutters above. ;-)

Horizontal Scrolling Text
This one is easy. You just need to open a Notebook file, then follow these steps:
1. Open the Gallery
2. Search for scrolling text
3. Open the Interactive and Multimedia folder
4. Drag the Scrolling Text banner to a Notebook page
5. Double click on Text to edit it
6. Select Background, Font Color, Font and Speed from the Scrolling Text Menu Bar


7. Click OK
8. Click once on text to start or stop scrolling.

Email a Notebook file
If you need to email a Notebook file as a Notebook file, or want to email it as a PDF file to someone who does not have the Notebook software, you can perform this operation quickly and easily. With the file open, go to:
1. File, Menu, Send To
2. Choose either Mail Recipient or Mail Recipient (As PDF)
3. Your email program will open and you can then send the document

PDF files for online Learning Management Systems
You can also create an exported PDF file for posting to online Learning Management Systems(LMS.) Our school system uses Edline. To do this:export_PDF.png

1. File, Menu, Export, PDF
2. Choose how you want the PDF file created (like PowerPoint - Thumbnails (6 per page), Handouts (3 per page), or Full Page (1 page)
3. Save
4. Post to your LMS

Text Splitter Tool
Located in the Lesson Activity Toolkit, the text splitter tool, can be used to create some interesting activities. At the Ning website, Smart Revolution, Mary Ann Sansonetti says:
I love the text splitter. You can use it for sentence diagramming, create word walls, OR use it as a prediction tool. Copy and paste words from a historical document or novel you are about to introduce and spread them on the page. See if the students can predict the historical connection or the plot of the novel.

Basically, you just follow the directions -- drag or type text into the box, then choose whether you want to split that text into words or letters. In her example, she dropped lines from a Shakespearean tragedy into the box so that they were split into individual words which students can then move around to make better meaning of that oh-so-hard-to-understand "old English".

Example of using the text splitter tool from Vanessa Cassie's blog,
**SMART tip**

No No's of Whiteboard Use

The Ten No Nos of Teaching with a Projector or Interactive Whiteboard by Lisa Nielsen This article from
Tech & Learning

is worthwhile reading for those of us who use IWB's (interactive whiteboard.) Lisa's original post was from her blog, The Innovative Educator. Her ten no nos are something to think about related to best practices when using an IWB.