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This website offers over 10,000 items to choose from. Good resource for World Languages, English, Social Studies, and Science.
Most interactives can be at minimal cost.


Sweet Search

SweetSearch is a Search Engine for Students. It searches only Web sites that research experts like librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved.This website, developed by **Dulcinea Media** , helps students find credible websites.
I know this is only an indirect link to SMART board use, but it is a valuable website that could be used in your classroom. Check out the Sweet Search site **Sweet Search by Content** organized by subject and academic level for students and/or teachers. No kidding, this is good stuff, folks.

Spelling Practice
This free website, SpellingCity.Com allows you to create spelling lists. The site gives the student a choice to either take a test on a list of words, be taught a list of words (the word is displayed, spelled out, used in a sentence) or play a game based on the word list. The list can be short or long. This is a newer website (2009) and has the potential to grow in popularity as more teachers and parents discover it.


Online programs for recording, uploading, interacting and mixing. This website was developed by the Center for Language Education And Research at Michigan State University for language learning.


Create free educational games, activities and diagrams. Just use the site's customisable templates. Easy to create and it's all free!!!! The example game above is called Animated Book. I bet you can think of a lot of ways to copy text into this game, and use it for learning with your students.

Like Wordle, but different. Here's an example of a tag cloud created in Tagxedo. I really like the ability to change the shape into an image.
Cool stuff to use with the SMARTboards.

Shadow Poetry - Magnetic Word Poetrysplogo.gif
Once a week, you can create your own poem by arranging the Shadow Poetry magnet word tiles.
Fun way to get students to create their own poem. And, it's free!

Interactive for teaching, The Raven
Learn about alliteration, assonance, internal rhyme and vocabulary words from Poe's __The Raven__. For a brief look at the interactive, watch the video below.


Merriam-Webster's website features a daily buzzword. Included with the word is the part of speech, definition, an sample sentence containing the word, and a multiple choice question for which word could be used to replace it in the sentence without changing the sentence's meaning. The multiple choice is interactive. Shows the student if there answer was the correct one. The site also features four games for vocabulary building.

Notebook Gallery of Language Arts Graphic Organizers

Opening this gallery file will automatically add 22 graphic organizers to the My Content section of the Gallery in the Notebook software.
Thanks to Sherri's Smartboard Smart's website.

GoAnimate4SchoolsA free online animated story website. Teachers can control content and viewing as private. A teacher account can be created with up to 100 student accounts. Watch the animated story about design principles.
GoAnimate4Schools.com: Design Principles and GoAnimate by Steve Moore

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate4Schools. It's free and fun!