Another visual search website that is interactive. I performed a search for slavery (see image below). What does this site do for you? Spezify searches all types of media (blogs, videos, real-time messages, sounds or images) and mixes them visually onto a webpage. Like Glogster on sterioids but the interactive page is created based on your search criteria. After performing the search, you can trim down what is displayed on the screen (hide images, hide text, hide video, hide sound, or hide Tweets.)



The American Association of School Librarians chose LiveBinders as one of their top 25 picks of websites in education for 2010. They describe the site as "this fun and easy-to-use site makes it easy to organize and share sources. Teachers can use it as a presentation tool, plan an interactive lesson, or engage with students on the research process."

The online binder has tabs at the top of the binder page. You access webpage links, images, videos, pdf's and other types of files from the binder tabs. (Click on the binder below to go this binder URL.)livebinder_atoms.jpg

The free version has the following upload limitations:
  • You can upload any file size up to 5 MB. (This is the size of the individual file being uploaded.)
  • Total upload storage for free is 100 MB per account.


HippoCampus has instructional, interactive digital media that you can use for review, remediation, and differentiation of instruction for your . Use of the website is free for a teacher or students. Teachers are given the ability to create a custom HippoCampus page for your students. The subject areas included at the site are displayed below.

This website offers over 10,000 items to choose from. Good resource for World Languages, English, Social Studies, and Science.
Most interactives can be purchased at minimal cost.


Glogster is not a new website, but it now has an educational website. I recommend you go to the FAQ page first to learn about the educational site. Student-created glogs would be fun to use with the SMART board, especially the links to videos and other pages on a glog. Here is a
**Poetry Glog**

created by students that I really liked. This glog is several pages. The homepage explains the purpose of the glog then links to other pages where different types of poetry are collaboratively created.

My Hero

This website offers free project-based learning resources. Another site I really like. MY HERO’s allows students who are visual learners to participate and express themselves through the creation of an original work of art that can be accompanied by a written component and published online. Click on the link to see an example of a student-created lesson called
Heroes of Faith Wheel

Lee's Summit, MO School District Website

Take a little time to use this resource. It has links to all kinds of interactive websites. Worth your time to click and dig.


For primary school teachers, this site has 194 free interactive resources. Here's one of them for French - Fruit French terms.


WatchKnow Educational Wiki
This is a huge directory of quality educational videos for kids ages 3-18, categorized by subject and age. There are over 12, 000 videos.

Interactive Whiteboard.net.auiwbheader.jpg

An Australian website featuring SMART lessons (elementary and secondary), galleries and training tutorials/videos. It is not as in-depth as some other websites I have featured, but it does have some good stuff!

Longwood Central School District
Longwood Central School District, New York has a website with Notebook lessons categories by grade level. It also includes a Smartboard rubricfor teacher lessons that could be helpful for promoting best practices when using a SMARTboard for instructional purposes.


This website's layout is very good. It is easy to navigate and link out to other websites. It is setup to showcase
Smartboard Lessons, Activities and Games: Interactive Lessons - Literacy, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Health, Physical Education P.E., Library, Music and Foreign Language.

The Center for Technology and Teacher Education, University of Virginia
Includes ideas, flash files, links to resources by content area. Flash files for Math, English (poetry link out to Poetry Forge), Science(Check out CameraScope, a free software download that allows you to control a digital camera or webcam from your computer), Social Studies (Provides modules of lessons that integrate digital media with social studies content.)

Extensive Resources


, is loaded with links to other websites for K-5 teachers, including a bunch of lessons. The second one,

, is similar but with much, much more and geared for all teachers. These two sites are absolutely RICH with information for you. His
**High School**

website is loaded. Just keep scrolling on the homepage at this site to find lots of good stuff. It's even got some info for Guidance folks.

Center School District

Loaded with helpful SMARTboard resources, galleries, templates, lessons, sites, and tips.

NBC Learn


Some of you may have used NBC's iCUE website that has now been replaced with NBC Learn. iCUE was free; NBC Learn is not. For K-12 schools, NBC has created NBC News Archives on Demand (K-12) which is a collection of NBC News videos, primary source documents, images, and resources designed for use in the K-12 classroom.
  • Thousands of searchable and downloadable resources (1600s to Today)
  • Video content aligned to State Standards
  • Current Events updated regularly
  • Sciences, Social Studies, Language Arts, Health and Business
  • Personalized playlists for teachers and students
  • Revolutionary flippable media player

The site comes with a cost but is loaded with valuable materials. NBC Learn produces original educational video for the classroom and beyond. It also has a Facebook page for playing trivia games that pairs challenging questions with NBC News video.


This site has some free online quiz games. If you want more, you can purchase a subscription for a small fee to access hundreds of quiz games. .