Inner Body

Online guide to human anatomy with many interactives. Highly visual. Top rated website.

Visible Body


An online 3D Model of the human anatomy. Great visualization tool. Wonderful graphics! Must get a subscription to use the website but it is amazing.


Recommended by Teachers Love SMARTBoards, this free site offers many interactive activities. Two I liked for high school science are Virtual Hip Replacement and Virtual Knee Surgery. For Driver's Ed, I found an interactive called Crash Scene.

Driver's Ed Games

Test your reflexes! Play the Sheep Dash to see how fast your reflexes are. Or, learn the basics of driving a car by playing the Chevron Cars Road Game.

Better Health Channel

An award-winning Health & Fitness website in Australia. It contains a video library, interactive image library, quizzes, and many other forms of useful information including conditions and treatments for illnesses, healthy living, relationships and family.

Google Body Browser

Google has developed an a fully-explorable 3D body. You can move about, zoom in, like you can in Google Earth. And it’s fast. Google Body will run on any browser that supports the WebGL standard. At the moment this means that only developer or beta versions of FireFox and Chrome will work. But, the good news is, that soon all web browsers should be able to support the WebGL standard.

Driver's Ed. game for buying a Car

National Institutes of Health

Educational health videos, calculators, quizzes, games, interactive tutorials, anatomy videos, surgical videos, and a medical dictionary. With one click, you can get a Spanish version of the website. An example calculator is featured below.


Kid's Health


The Kid's Health website communicates complex medical information in language that readers can understand and use.All articles, animations, games, and other content go through a rigorous medical review by pediatricians and other medical experts. The site has received many awards, including four Webby Awards, including for Best Family/Parenting Site and Best Health Site on the Web, the Parent's Choice Gold Award, the Teacher's Choice Award for Family, and the International Pirelli Award for best educational media for students.