Based on a video from YouTube, I learned how to create an interactive gameboard that should be very useful for teachers this time of year who are looking for ways to review content with students. Please enjoy using this Notebook file I created. Hint: As students move their game pieces on the question blocks, they need to tap outside of the box before they move their game piece again. Also, the winner should move their game piece at the upper top of the star and then tap the star to hear the fireworks sound. They can also play the flash file of a fireworks display. If you would like to join my wiki to post content or share how you use SMART, please do.

Blockbuster Review Game
- May 13, 2010

****SMARTboard Revolution****-
Resources for some good notebook files. Here are two for Math review that looked good. Many others are located on this wiki. Check it out, folks.

Whack a Mole Game

Fun game to use review. This template, submitted to SMART Exchange by J. Donnally, is designed to ask up to 24 questions. Just open the file and edit the template to create your own version. :-)

BBC Games

From the U.K., here is a website, BBC Games, that offers quite a few flash games for various subjects and grade levels. It would be worth your time to check out this website.


Speed Match

Create your own quiz games of matching pairs of questions and answers. Click on this link to see one I created. 1500 A.D. to present


Create free educational games, activities and diagrams. Just use the site's customisable templates. Easy to create and it's all free!!!! The example game above is called Animated Book. I bet you can think of a lot of ways to copy text into this game, and use it for learning with your students.

Teaching Treasures

Teaching Treasures provides interactive games for students aged between 5 and 15 designed to provide an interest in math, English, science, art as well as general knowledge.

Timez Attack

Interactive game from BigBrainz (can get a free version) for teaching the multiplication tables. Teachers can track student progress. Watch the video to learn more.


Place The State
Place the State Interactive game where you place the states on a map. It has three levels of interaction. Level One the outlines of the states are visible on the map. Level Two no outlines of the states are visible on the maps. Level Three: place the correct name on each state.

Sheppard Software

Free educational games, activities, quizzes and articles. If you scroll to the bottom of the home page, you will get recommended content broken down by level. The content is developed mainly at the elementary level but there is some higher level content.

Real-Life Math Game - Buy a Car

From the Smart Exchange, one of my math teachers found this game and really like it for basic Math. I also thought it would work for my Driver's Ed teacher to use with his classes. The game was created and posted to the SMART Exchange by an 8th grade Math teacher, Sarah Gunn.


I suggest you read the dilemma cards BEFORE using with students. You may want to alter the cards based on your individual preferences. Some scenarios may be inappropriate for the content you teach; others may be controversial. Always check content for appropriateness.


One of my teachers downloaded the Whack-A-Mole game from the SMART Exchange website to use for SOL review. BUT, she wanted it to be more interactive for the students. I added TEQSmart's Trashcan and labeled it Try Again Trash. Then I created links from answers for Try Again or Correct. Take a look at the file. Feel free to adapt it to your own uses.Just remember to change links to the Try Again and Correct Answer pages for each of your question pages.