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An online study aide using Flash cards. Quizlet is a great free resource for creating Flash cards or you can use flash cards available on the website. You can search by content, too. The site also has games that can be played as a learning tool. When a student feels confident, they can click on test to see if they know the information. Try the game below to get an idea of how you might use it with students with a SMART board. Just drag the term over the definition. If you have a match, both the term and the definition will disappear from the screen. I can see a lot of uses for this site. Can you?


Free, educational flashcards for learning languages. Many flashcards are already there for you to use or you can create your own if you join the site. The site includes desktop software, online applications, free content, articles, and games, all of which can be accessed through the website. Byki can be used to learn 74 different languages.

Example of a Byki flashcard set for question words in Italian.


Study flashcards or use the other activities such as matching, crosswords, hangman, scrambled word, or bug chase.

This is a free site for creating flashcards. You can embed activities into your website or download to a smartphone. There are many activities already available at the website. I copied the code below for a Bug Match game for Library Media on 20 library terms.

Flashcards and educational games by StudyStack