Nutrition Notebook File

After visiting the TEQ website and learning about the 3 Container concept, I created a file (Nutritious Foods) for some of my teachers based on the concept and dealing with foods that are either healthy food choices for your heart or unhealthy food choices for your heart. To learn how to create this type of file, go to TEQ's website and watch the video. Or, here is the order of steps:
You can create a great 3-Container Sort in 4 easy steps:
1. Add the containers
2. Add the contents
3. Create the facades (use Smart Screen capture)
4. Order the objects

Family and Science
You may have to dig some to find the interactive resources located at this website, but it is LOADED with good stuff for those of you who teach Family and Consumer Science classes. One flash file I watched at the site was, Out on a Limb--A Guide to Getting Along, which helps students learn choose between three alternatives for how to react when they are not getting along with another person.


Nutrition Cafe
Play games developed by a joint effort of the Pacific Science Center and the Washington State Dairy Council.